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SYSTEMWATTS US DOLLARS F.O.B (not included Sipping) 
BPPV2KW 2,000 $16,000.00
BPPV2.4KW 2,400 $19,800.00
BPPV3KW 3,000 $24,250.00
BPPV5KW 5,000 $44,950.00
BPPV7.6KW 7,600 $56,900.00
BPPV10KW 10,000 $66,500.00
BPPV12.5KW 12,500 $85,875.00

*Most systems available in increments of 200watts each, however depending on availablity, system size may be based on 175watt modules.

We carry other BP systems in various wattages made to order. Please send message to for information on these specialty items.