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To Our Business Friends throughout the World.

In introducing our company we would like to stress that we have been honoured to serve our esteemed clients and we will continue in the future to do our utmost to customers.


Since its establishment in 1984 PROCON Electronics Co., Ltd. as a China leading Electronic assembling company and continuously trading with Establishment of rock processing factory Yeon Mi Stones Co.,Ltd and construction and civil engineering company Jin Myeong established and expanded gold mine corporation in Burkina Faso in year 2000, Tourism complex development with economy boosting foundation company established 2007 in Guinea Bissau West Africa and has made a significant contribution towards the improvement of the "Quality of living" through its continued research and development activities and technology innovations. With our sophisticated and valuable experience, know-how and human resources for a basis, we firmly believe that we will be able to meet the various and changing demands of our clients.


PROCON has accumulated comprehensive technology and a great depth and variety of experience in the Electronic Assemble, Project developments and with International Group partner comminute has Power plant construction, highways, bridges, subways, tunnels, water supply, sewage and water treatments, land reclamation, ports and harbour, welfare facilities, office buildings, housing, shopping centers, educational, leisure and sports facilities, and medical buildings, etc. Making inroads into the middle east construction market in 1989, we have been playing a pioneer role as Korean Group company in overseas business market development in Saudi Arabia and in South-East Asian countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and Cambodia. PROCON has also been participating in Shanghai Apartment development and investment project and has been successful in pursuing the development project in China,


We are also have high technology of the world first new power generation system development completion from our Technology team. You can see the Procon Energy page at main page of this Web.

And We believe the key to PROCON's growth lies in our corporate philosophy, "Integrity, Trust and Harmony" and our willingness to keep a promise with our clients. This has enabled us to hold a longstanding and outstanding position in the domestic and overseas construction markets with any International project Development Area.


PROCON 's quality assurance systems are designed, organized, and implemented to ensure PROCON 's exacting standards of quality, and to meet all contract specifications and designed regulations. Specifically, Procon has obtained ISO9000 quality System Certificates.


Taking a lesson from the past, and looking forward to the 21st century and beyond, Procon will continue to pursue technological innovations and human resource development to firmly place itself at the forefront of the construction industry both in domestic and international markets.


Now, please let us invite you with courtesy to the plaza of future prepared to PROCON GROUP LTD at in Republic of Korea.

Sincerely yours,




Chairman Of Procon 


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